Publishing services

MEDUCASE publishes books, newsletters, printed and electronic magazines mainly from the following types of literature:

  •      popular science literature,
  •      scientific literature,
  •      professional literature,
  •      fiction.

At your request, we can take care of:

  •      preparation of texts, proofreading, editing and composition,
  •      taking photos or processing of the material provided for later printing,
  •      preparing a graphic design and preparing it for printing,
  •      in print - you receive a ready edition of the publication.

By deciding to publish your work in our publishing house, you can be sure that the work will be professionally developed from the editorial and editorial side.

We approach each publication individually during the publishing process. On the technical side, the publishing process itself includes:

  • language editing of the text, in terms of stylistics and grammatical correctness of the edited text,
  •      professional composition and breaking of even the most complex text (e.g. containing complex mathematical and chemical formulas, formulas, graphs, tables), i.e. appropriate formatting of text content, as well as a combination of text with individually developed graphics (photos, charts),
  •      first editorial correction of the publication in terms of spelling and punctuation and necessary corrections,
  •      a second editorial correction of the publication's text allowing to refine the published work,
  •      publication review.

Due to the fact that the publishing house specializes in complex, specialized texts, the price for one publishing sheet is set individually.